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Save this date. October 4th, 2007.  The main feature is a lecture on endangered species conservation by Michael J. Bean, ESQ. of the Emvironmental Defense Fund.  The lecture begins at 4:00 pm.  There will be a luncheon at Zenny's and a tour at the Dodd Center at Uconn, where the lecture will take place.  Details will be available in the 2007 fall newsletter and as available here.  For travel directions to Zenny's Restaurant, please go to Zenny's.
President:  Nicholas Welchman
Vice President and Membership:  Timothy Killeen
A  new report from Mort Tenzer, dated 8/21/2007 is in.   Please go to State News.
Treasurer:    Compton Rees
The Assembly's new treasurer, Compton Rees, has updated its financial status and presented some interesting findings.  Please go to the Rees Report for the latest and check out if you are one of the 16 proactive members whose double payment of dues for 2006-2007 academic year will be credited as having paid for the coming academic year.  The new membership form with Compton Rees as treasurer will be available in the coming issue of the newsletter in printed form and on line.
Liaison-AAUP Ct  Conference:   Morton Tenzer
Newsletter Editor:  team
Ceil Welna's minutes for the meeting on May 6, 2007 serves to lead off the 2007 minutes series.  She is stepping down as secretary of the EA after 11 years.  During that span,  she served as faithful historian and recorder of the happenings and events of the Assembly and kept members informed of all of that.  Many thanks to Ceil Welna indeed.  David De Nuccio is the newly elected secretary.  Perhaps he will also serve 11 years!  Good luck! 
FOLLOWUP:   Minutes of the  Executive Committee planning meeting on July 19, 2007 by David De Nuccio is in.  It documents the proposed programs for the academic year of 2007-2008 and the coordinators assigned for the events.  For a preview of the planned upcoming events, please go to 2007 minutes and scroll to the July 19, 2007 meeting minutes,
To make suggestions and comments about the programs, please go to BLOG
Following is a sneak preview of our April 15th, 2008 meeting.

Dr. Virginia Hale, former chairperson of the English Department at the University of Hartford, shall discuss the life of Beatrice Auerbach

Dr. Hale writes:  From 1938 to 1965, Beatrice Fox Auerbach was chief executive of G. Gox & Company, Hartford's premier retail outlet, and the sixth largest privately owned department store in the country.  She was a pioneer in labor relations, employee medical and retirement plans; she was the first in U.S. retailing to hire blacks in other than menial jobs and she provided advancement opportunities for women.  She was famously generous to the arts, health services , education and civil causes.  But she was far more than her public persona. 
A grandmother of twelve, at the age of sixty, Beatrice Auerbach began a series of trips which took her to all parts of the world.  Personal diaries and correspondence and the recollections of friends, family and associates open a window on the life of Beatrice Fox Auerbach who, when asked for interviews often responded, "Don't write about me as a business woman; call me a woman in business." 

The meeting will be held at the University of Hartford .                                    Submitted by  CECILIA WELNA
For a writeup of the AAUP CSC Emeritus Assembly, namely us, composed  composed by Richard P. Wurst in June, 2006, please click on the About Us link below.
We are most sad to learn that John J. Kolega, our treaurer of many years, has died on Friday (May 18, 2007) at the Windham Hospital.  He will be greatly missed.  To read  the obituary in the Hartford Courant, please visit:  http://www.legacy.com/Link.asp?I=LS000088223418X
A copy of the obituary is available at our web page John J. Kolega.  For your comments about John, , please go to Blog.  Or, if you prefer, send the remarks by email to Admin@eact.info for posting on the blog or on the web page for John, or both.  Please read Nick Welchman's "A Word About John Kolega"  at either place.
John Kolega
Dear Colleagues: Dr. George Lang, a member of the Fairfield University Math and ComputerScience Department from September 1970 to May 2007, died on Wednesday, May 9, 2007. George Lang's daughter Susan, sent these final arrangements for her father's wake and mass  (please click on Lang Services). Flo Hatcher
Hot Topics, a new  section on this site, is devoted to alerts and news involving issues and controversies that are important to AAUP members, the emerati, and educators  in general.  For starters,  Mary Rogers and Morton Tenzer are following the debate between AAUP's Cary Nelson and David Horowitz re the so-called "bill of rights" on Sunday, 3/18/2007 on C-SPAN2 or from other sources such as websites and  printed materials as available. 
The Newsletter link has been activated.  It  contains selected pages from the  Newsletter (Mary Rogers, editor).  The spring 2007 edition is in.  .
For Kathleen McGrory's photos of the Elizabeth Park Rose Garden  EA outing on 6/21/07, please go to KMphotos..
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