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For a writeup about the AAUP CSC Emeritus Assembly,  composed by Richard P. Wurst in June, 2006,  updated in June 2012, please click on the About Us link below  A new  Welcome page has been made by combining the Wurst updated About Us and a list of current EA officers has repolaced the older welcome page.

                                   Save the Dates

      2014 Springl Meetings
                        Emeritus Assembly of the AAUP Connecticut Conference

Date: Tuesday, Apri9l 15, 2014   Time: 10:30 AM                                                                
University of Saint Joseph Art Gallery

                        Location:  1678 Asylum Avenue
                                         West Hartford, CT

  Lunch and business meeting  fo follow at the University cafeteria
                 Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2014   Time:  10:30 AM                               

The Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum                    

A tour of three 13th century houses  with docents who bring history alive

Location: 211 Main Street
                                               Wethersfield, CT

       Lunch  and business meeting to to follow at a local restaurant
Vice President.  vacant
When Flo Hatcher, executive director of the CSC-AAUP,  pointed us to a number of sources that may helo us keep up with the sometimes rapidly changing landscapes in the CT state legislature dealing with hjigher education issues, we were able to follow up in some instances.  As a result, we are now on the distribution list of the CSU-AAUP and have regularly posted their e-newsletter of Union News, as well as the Capitol Monitor.  Both are excellent resources and we thank Ellen Benson for keeping us informed. 

We appreciate Flo Hatcher's keeping us in the loop with events, activitions and news taking place in higher education within the state and AAUP news in general.  The Vanguard, in e version of as printed copies, are always worthwhile reading and thought provoking. 

Mort Tenzer's commentaries of  current issues  can be found at
Newsletter Spring 2009A
Celebrate Retirement
Special Note
We have posted several photos of Mary Rogers at Rogers' photos,and a collection of her writings at rogerscom. Mary's contributions to the website are also noted in the sections on legacies and website reports and elsewhere. 
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It is always such a pleasure to receive the e-vanguard from Flo Hatcher, executive director of the CSC-AAUP.  There are two recent issues.  One, an e-version for early winter, 2012, can be found at  http://eact.info/cscnews/vangearlywinter12.pdf .  The other is the print version of the Vanguard for winter, 2013.  It is at http://eact.info/cscnews/vangwinter13.pdf .  both arefull of news and other interesting and exciting features that inform.
Please note that the State Conferences's new url is http://csc.csuaaup.org/
For easy access, we have grouped the photos of memebers at the  events in 2011 into a pdf  page.   It is at photos2011.  However, for viewing them at their best, it is well to return to the blog and click on the thumbnails where the photos were first uploaded.  Many  thanks to Morton Tenzer, Kathleen McGrory, Youssef Kouatly and others.  They certainly are nice.  For recent  photos, please go directly to the blog. For other 2012 photos, please click on 2012photos.. 2013 saw Youssef Kouatly with photos, taken with his Iphone, at the 5/17/2013 CSC-AAUP Annual Spring Meeting.  Go to 2013photos.
We wish to also thank those who contributed to the content of the website, including, in no paricular order, Cecilia Welna, Clifford Pelletier, Jane Knox, Tim Killeen, Morton Tenzer, Kathleen McGrory, Youssef Kouatly, Zoe Lleibowitz, Flo Hatcher, Eli Dabora, Josie Reynolds, Erika Karas, and others
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The 2014 edition of the EACT newsletter, with minor modifications, is  posted here as http://eact.info/Newsletter/nlfall2014.pdf..  It has the details about the two upcoming meetings. Tim Killeen, EA membership chair and edoitor of the newsletter  coordinated the first event.  For the second meeting, Jane Knox, EA secretary and CTemeritusassembly.org website associate,  is the coordinator.  Two events whose pleasure quotients and informative values are both  high, especially for this time of the year. .Tim Killeen is to be credited to quickly get the word out, once the event details are set.

For some progress reports following the  planning committee meeting on 2/11/2014, chaired by David Bedding, EA president, where the proposals for the spring events were approved  visit the ongoing blog page of
http://eact.info. and the 2/17/2014 entry.
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As is custormary, we have made current the Reservations and Membership Forms for your convenience.  Click on Reservations here.  However, it is necessary to again call attention to the need to refer to the print Newsletter or its  e version  for instructions on how to register for the events.
News related  to the issues listed above are periodicaly mentioned in the blog at the usual http://eact.info home page.
A webpage devoted to the tributes to cecilia Welna is at http://www.eact.info/Legacies/welnatribute.html.  Contributors include Youssef Kouatly, Tim Killeen, Mary Beckert, Humphrey Tonkin, Flo Hatcher, and now, Kathleen McGrory, among others.
Newsletter 2012 Fall
Morton Tenzer writes:

Yale University has spent a reported $130 million in recent years to completely refurbish the Yale University Art Gallery. Not only were galleries restored but an additional floor was built providing more space for exhibiting Yale's art collection much of which has been kept in storage. Since the the Gallery reopened a few months ago it has received widespread acclaim in architectural circles and in the general press. We have asked for an overview of the entire structure which knits together three original buildings. Come and see some old favorites and some that have been out of sight for years and join colleagues for lunch at Mory's ($20) and a short business meeting to follow.
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The Fairfield University AAUP Newsletter of November 5, 2012 (ed. Irene Mulvey) repored the activities of ihe Faculty Welfare Committee of the chapter. and celebrated  recent recipients of the George Award.. 
FWC/AAUP Newsletter 11/5/2012
Newsletter 2013 Spring
It is our understanding that the April 30th, 2013 event at the Yale University Art Gallery, followed by lunch at Mory's, both in New Haven, was attended by quite a crowd, referred by some as a mob, even.  Does Mort Tenzer, the event coordinator, know something special?  The blurb that he sent in to the blog is reproduced here
It was awfully nice that Richard Wurst offerred to write a Thank You note to be included in the EA 2013 fall newsletter, expressing his appreciation to have served as treasurer until the 2013 EA election,  we think the shoe also fits the other foot, so to speak.  Thank you, Richard, for your contributions as treasurer, active participant of the planning committee,  loyal attendee at many EA events,  and most certainly, as someone who took the time and made the effort tostudiy  the founding history, the constitution and by laws and other documents which culminated in the document variously lknown  as  2006 about us or as part of the welcome page that distilled the information into a sincle page..  It was updated in june 2012.   Thanks, Richard.
The EA website has been greatly enriched in content by having the regular posting of the CSU-AAUP e- Newsletter from Ellen Benson.  It is a weekly issue  and keeps us abreast of the latest developments in matters relating to higher education in the state and the union.  Very interesting.  Keep informed.
From: "Cliff" <tortoise46+d@gmail.com>
Sent: Saturday, October 12, 2013 5:48 PM
Subject: A Machiavellian Guide to Destroying Public Universities in 12 > Easy Steps

Written by a WCSU professor.

https://chronicle.com/blogs/conversation/2013/10/02/a-machiavellian-guide-to-destroying-public-universities-in-12-easy-steps/?cid=at&utm_source=at&utm_medium=en%3E >>
As noted in the announcement above, the hottest topics currently are the Obamacare and the NSA revelations.
The following ireport of the 2013 EA spring event  was published in the  the Vanguard Winter 2013 edition. 

As the first event of their Spring program, on February 28 fifteen members of the Emeritus Assembly will attend an event in Cromwell, Connecticut, sponsored by the University of Connecticut AAUP Chapter. The focus of the meeting will be a talk by National AAUP President Rudy Fichtenbaum, Economics , Wright State University), "A Bette r Path Forward: How Corporate Culture Threatens the Quality of Higher Education and What We Can Do To Resist Its Encroachment on our Campuses"
Also in the same Vanguard issue, CSC-AAUP president Irene Mulvey has this to say about the popilarity of the massive open online courses (MOOCs).

And now we have MOOCs. You ignore the MOOC at your own peril, because they are being hyped with the same world-changing rhetoric and evangelical zeal as the fads that came before them. We hear that they have the potential to completely change higher education. Things will never be the same. I can understand the appeal of an unimaginably diverse discussion group with people from all over the world, but its hard to imagine an instructor keeping up with all those students and all those discussion groups. And once the learning is turned over to some kind of students-teaching-students model, I become skeptical. Still, it is the latest fad, and it really is hard to figure out where this fad is going. So, we watch with an open mind. Learn more about them. And we step into the classroom each day hoping to produce one of those incredible moments of deep understanding. I.M

At the spring meeting of CSC-AAUP on 5/17/2013, Professor Jonathan Rees, Colorada State University-Pueblo, spoke to the very issue. 
newsletter 2013 Fall
Sad news.  Our good friend and until earlier this year,  EA President Eli Dabora has died.  Tim Killeen, EA Newslettand Membership chair,  who worked with Eli in several different official capacities with Professor Dabora and knows him well, has this to say:

We were saddened to hear that Eli Dabora has passed from this world.  Eli was the most recent Past President of the AAUP Emeritus Assembly of Connecticut and was forced to resign that post in within the last year due to ill health.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Catherine Page and his wonderful family.

Eli was a considerate and thoughtful man, one of the most gracious people that we know and so supportive.    He was someone we could always count on to be there when new ideas were needed or if there was work to be done.  His love of his family and interest to help others were a basic part of his nature.  We will dearly miss you, Eli.  You were the heart and soul of our organization.

Tin Killeen

The obituary from the Potter Funeral Home website: has been posted in the EACTBLOG November 12th, 2013 entry  and at http://potterfuneralhome.com/wp-content/plugins/funeralworks_obituary_plugin/ajax-obituary2.php?Counter=3441&mn=33
         Eliahou "Eli' Dabora
September 24, 1928 - November 8, 2013
Special Event Note:: On behalf of CSU-AAUP, Flo Hatcher, CSC-AAUP executive director, invited EA members to attend "We are not Wisconsin", a forum sponsored by SEBAC and CSU-AAUP on April 5, 2014 from 9:00AM to noon at the Middletown High School auditorium. Lunch to follow.
Newsletter 2014 Spring